Update ShinkenΒΆ

Whatever the way you used to install the previous version of Shinken, you should use the same to update. Otherwise juste start from scratch a new Shinken install.

As mentioned in the installation page, 1.X and 2.0 have big differences.


Don’t forget to backup your shinken configuration before updating!

Update can be done by following (more or less) those steps :

  • Create the new paths for Shinken (if you don’t want new paths then you will have to edit Shinken configuration)
mkdir /etc/shinken /var/lib/shinken/ /var/run/shinken /var/log/shinken
chown shinken:shinken /etc/shinken /var/lib/shinken/ /var/run/shinken /var/log/shinken
  • Install Shinken by following the installation instructions
  • Copy your previous Shinken configuration to the new path
cp -pr /usr/local/shinken/etc/<your_config_dir> /etc/shinken/
  • Copy the modules directory to the new one
cp -pr /usr/local/shinken/shinken/modules /var/lib/shinken/
  • Edit the Shinken configuration to match you need. Basically you will need to remove the default shinken configuration of daemons and put the previous one. Shinken-specific is now split into several files. Be carful with the ini ones, you may merge them if you modified them. Careful to put the right cfg_dir statement in the shinken.cfg.


Modules directories have changed a lot in Shinken 2.0. If you copy paste the previous one it will work BUT you may have trouble if you use Shinken CLI.

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