Review of script’s option and parameters


It’s recommended to use option one by one! Some options have a parsing trick that prevent from being mixed with other. Call the install script as much as you need is better.

Here are the options for the install script :

-k | --kill Kill shinken
-i | --install Install shinken
-u | --uninstall Remove shinken and all of the addons. if an argument is specified then just remove the specified argument
-b | --backup Backup shinken configuration plugins and data
-r | --restore Restore shinken configuration plugins and data
-l | --listbackups List shinken backups
-c | --compresslogs Compress rotated logs
-e | --enabledaemons Which daemons to keep enabled at boot time. It’s a quoted list of shinken daemons that should be enabled at startup. Daemons are: * arbiter * scheduler * poller * broker * reactionner * receiver * skonf
-p | --plugin Install plugins. Argument should be one of the following: * check_esx3 * nagios-plugins * check_oracle_health * check_mysql_health * capture_plugin * check_wmi_plus * check_mongodb * check_emc_clariion * check_nwc_health * manubulon (snmp plugins) * check_hpasm * check_netapp2 * check_mem (local enhanced memory check plugin) * check_snmp_bandwidth (check bandwidth usage with snmp) * check_netint (enhanced version of check_snmp_int plugins) * check_IBM * check_IBM_DS * check_HPUX * check_rsync
-a | --addon Install addons. Argument should be one of the following: * pnp4nagios * multisite * nagvis * mongodb * nconf (experimental) * notify_by_xmpp
--nconf-import-packs Import shinken packs into nconf (experimental). This require nconf to be installed
--register Register on community (experimental)
--enableeue Enable application performance monitoring stack (experimental)
-h | --help Show help

Review of variable used in the script

The following variables can bet set before running the script in order to modify its behavior.

Unordered List ItemTMP Specify the temp folder for Shinken installation. Default : /tmp
LOGFILE Specify the logs file used during Shinken installation. Default : $TMP/shinken.install.log”
USEPROXY Specify if the server is behind a proxy. Used during installing prerequisites. Default : 0 (No)
SKIPPREREQUISITES Specify if the script check and install Shinken prerequisites. All prerequisites are not compulsory for a “small” install Default : 0 (No)
TARGET Specify the target directory for Shinken installation. Default : /usr/local/shinken
ETC Specify the etc directory for Shinken installation (configuration files directory). Default : $TARGET/etc
LIBEXEC Specify the libexec directory for Shinken installation (plugin directory). Default : $TARGET/libexec
VAR Specify the var directory for Shinken installation(logs directory). Default : $TARGET/var
BACKUPDIR Specify the backup directory. Default : /opt/backup
SKUSER Specify the Shinken user. Default : shinken
SKGROUP Specify the Shinken group. Default : shinken
MANAGEPYRO Specify if the script will install a “managed” version of Pyro (Pyro4 lib) Defaukt : 0 (No)
KEEPDAYSLOG Specify the number of days to keep the logs (for Sqlite purge). Default : 7
RETENTIONMODULE Specify the default retention module (pickle|mongodb). Default pickle
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