Feature selection and release cycle

Feature selection

The Shinken Ideascale is a key input in the feature selection process, everyone can propose and vote for his favorite feature. Features are now managed based on expected user value. Features that users desire the most and which fit the project vision will be prioritized. The feature vote should be promoted to all users. The more users vote, the more we are sure to give them the most value for their monitoring system.

Release cycle

  • “value first priority”
  • Major changes are handled in github forks by each developer
  • Very open to user submitted patches
  • Comprehensive automated QA to enable a fast release cycle without sacrificing stability
  • Tagging experimental unfinished features in the documentation
  • Release soon and release often mentality

Release code names

I (Jean Gabès) keep the right to name the code name of each release. That’s the only thing I will keep for me in this project as its founder. :)

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