Use Shinken with Thruk



Install Thruk

See Thruk installation documentation.

Note: if you’re using SELinux, also run:

chcon -t httpd_sys_script_exec_t /usr/share/thruk/
chcon -t httpd_sys_script_exec_t /usr/share/thruk/script/
chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_rw_t /var/lib/thruk/
chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_rw_t /var/cache/thruk/
chcon -R -t httpd_log_t /var/log/thruk/
setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on

Using Shinken with Thruk

Thruk communicates with Shinken through the LiveStatus module. If you used the sample configuration, everything should be ready already. :)

You can review the configuration using the two following steps.

Enable Livestatus module

See enable Livestatus module.

Declare Shinken peer in Thruk

Edit ‘’/etc/thruk/thruk_local.conf’’ and declare the Shinken peer:

enable_shinken_features = 1
<Component Thruk::Backend>
        name   = External Shinken
        type   = livestatus
            peer    =
        # Uncomment the following lines if you want to configure shinken through Thruk
        #    core_type      = shinken
        #    core_conf      = /etc/shinken/shinken.cfg
        #    obj_check_cmd  = service shinken check
        #    obj_reload_cmd = service shinken restart

Or use the backend wizard which starts automatically upon first installation.

Don’t forget to change the with the IP/name of your broker if it is installed on an different host, or if you are using a distributed architecture with multiple brokers!

Credit Shinken in the webpages title :-)

Edit ‘’/etc/thruk/thruk.conf’‘:
title_prefix = Shinken+Thruk-

Configure users

Passwords are stored in ‘’/etc/thruk/htpasswd’’ and may be modified using the ‘’htpasswd’’ command from Apache:

htpasswd /etc/thruk/htpasswd your_login

User permissions: modify ‘’templates.cfg:generic-contact’‘:

# I couldn't manage to get Thruk-level permissions to work, let's use Shinken admins privileges
can_submit_commands             0

and define some users as admins in the Shinken configuration:

define contact {

  # ...

  use             generic-contact
  is_admin        1

  # ...

Allow Thruk to modify its configuration file:

chgrp apache /etc/thruk/cgi.cfg
chmod g+w /etc/thruk/cgi.cfg

Set permissions for your users in Config Tool > User Settings > authorized_for_...

Using PNP4Nagios with Thruk

See PNP4Nagios.

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