Use Shinken with Multisite

Check_MK Multisite


Using Shinken with Multisite

Multisite communicates with Shinken through the LiveStatus module. If you used the sample configuration, everything should be ready already. :)

You can review the configuration using the following steps.

Enable Livestatus module

See enable Livestatus module.

Configure Multisite

Latest versions of Multisite are included into Check_MK, which must be fully installed although we will only use the web interface.

To install and configure Multisite manually, follow instructions at MK website.

Best choice is to use Shinken :ref:`install script <shinken_10min_start#method_1the_easy_way>` (In Shinken versions >1.0). With addons installation option (‘’./install -a multisite’‘) it is fast and easy to install and configure it as Multisite’s default site.


If you get some error installing Multisite related with unknown paths (“can not find Multisite_versionXXX”) perhaps you must edit ‘’init.d/shinken.conf’’ file and adjust MKVER variable (search for “export MKVER”) with current stable available version of Check_MK as stated on MK website.

Check_MK install quick guide

  • Install check_mk: Detailed instructions there. Shell driven install with a lot of questions related with Check_mk install paths and integration with Apache and existing “Nagios”. For Shinken some default answers must be changed to accomodate Shinken install.
  • Edit config file ‘’’‘, usually in ‘’/etc/check_mk’‘, to insert a new site pointing to Shinken and write Livestatus socket address as declared at Shinken’s Livestatus module. Socket may also be an unix socket (“unix:/some/other/path”).
  • Restart Apache.


sites = {
  "munich": {
      "alias": "Munich"
  "Shinken": {
     "alias":          "Shinken",
     "socket":         "tcp:",
     "url_prefix":     "http://shinken.fqdn/",


Replace “shinken.fqdn” with the complete URI to reach Shinken host from browser (not!). Used by PNP4Nagios’s mouse-over images.

If you plan to use Multisite only as web UI no more configuration is needed. Also you can disable WATO (Web Administration TOol) by including the line wato_enabled = False in ‘’’‘.

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