Amazon AWS/EC2 import


You can import data from Amazon AWS/EC3 AWS into Shinken to create hosts.

Amazon provide VM hosting with EC3. With this arbiter module, you will be able to load your EC2 hosts into Shinken.


You will need the libcloud package installed on your Arbiter server.

Configuring the Landscape import module

In your shinken-specific.cfg file, just add (or uncomment):

define module {
 module_name      AWS
 module_type      aws_import

 # Configure your REAL key and secret for AWS
 api_key              PAAAB2CILT80I0ZA0999
 secret           GGtWAAAzEItz0utWUeCe9BJKIYWX/hdSbA6YCHHH
 default_template generic-host        ; if the host is not tagged, use this one
  • Put in key and secret your private Landscape access. * default_template will be used if your host is not “tagged” in Landscape

Configuring the Arbiter module

And add it in your Arbiter object as a module.

define arbiter{
     arbiter_name     Arbiter-Master

     address          localhost                   ;IP or DNS adress
     port             7770
     spare            0
     modules           AWS

Restart your Arbiter and it’s done :)

Generated hosts

The configuration generated will look as below :

define host {
    host_name            i-3fc56e5a
    use                  t1.micro,MyTag,EC2,generic-host
    _EC2_AVAILABILITY    us-east-1a
    _EC2_GROUPS          quicklaunch-1
    _EC2_IMAGEID         ami-1b814f72
    _EC2_INSTANCEID      i-3fc56e5a
    _EC2_INSTANCETYPE    t1.micro
    _EC2_KERNELID        aki-825ea7eb
    _EC2_KEYNAME         testaws
    _EC2_LAUNCHDATETIME  2012-09-26T12:19:38.000Z
    _EC2_LAUNCHINDEX     0
    _EC2_RAMDISKID       None
    _EC2_STATUS          stopped
    _EC2_TAGS            demo:myvalue,use:MyTag

Here with a stopped t1.micro instance with no name. You can put your how “use” parameter by adding a EC2 tag “use” on your VM. It will be output on the host configuration so you can setup the monitoring as you want.

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