Ubuntu Landscape import


You can import data from Ubuntu Landscape into Shinken to create hosts.

Ubuntu Landscape, is a web app to manage all your linux servers (update and co), which is provided by Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company.

This is an Arbiter import module. The Arbiter manages the configuration.


You will need the landscape-api package installed on your Arbiter server.

Configuring the Landscape import module

In your shinken-specific.cfg file, just add (or uncomment):

define module { module_name Landscape module_type landscape_import

# Configure your REAL key and secret from Landscape key PAAAB2CILT80I0ZA0999 secret GGtWAAAzEItz0utWUeCe9BJKIYWX/hdSbA6YCHHH default_template generic-host ; if the host is not tagged, use this one

# If you are using a specific certificate for landscape_api #ca /path/to.ca.cert

# If you need a proxy to access https://landscape.canonical.com/api/ #https_proxy http://user:secret@myproxy.com:3128


  • Put in key and secret your private Landscape access.
  • default_template will be used if your host is not “tagged” in Landscape
  • If you are using a specific certificate for connexion, give the full path in ca
  • You will certainly need an https proxy to access the Landscape API. If so, configure it there.

Configuring the Arbiter module

And add it in your Arbiter object as a module.

define arbiter{
     arbiter_name     Arbiter-Master
#    host_name       node1       ;result of the hostname command under Unix
     address          localhost                   ;IP or DNS adress
     port             7770
     spare            0
     modules           Landscape

Restart your Arbiter and it’s done :)


Your “tags” will be applied as templates for your hosts.

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